The Pasadena Republican Club - America's Oldest Continuously Active Club

Founded in 1884, the Pasadena Republican Club ("PRC") is the oldest, continuously active Republican club in America.


The PRC is dedicated to electing Republican candidates to federal, state, and local office. The PRC funds and operates the Republican headquarters in Pasadena every two years.


The PRC relies on substantial volunteer time as well as membership donations to accomplish these vital activities.


During off-election years, the PRC hosts numerous speakers and education programs of interest to the general public. Past speakers have included: First Lady Laura Bush, California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, LA District Attorney Steve Cooley, California Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Simon and many more.


The PRC is governed by a board of directors made up of volunteers, and an advisory board comprised of prominent local Republicans. The PRC welcomes members from across the San Gabriel Valley, with a special emphasis on the communities that comprise California's 41st Assembly district.


We need your help! Please join the Pasadena Republican Club and do your part! If you do not have the time to volunteer then we welcome your membership and donations to help us fund the Pasadena Republican Headquarters. Members receive quarterly newsletters, voter guides and special invitations to local events.


Our permanent mailing address is:

The Pasadena Republican Club

PO Box 94236

Pasadena, CA 91109

(626) 793-2018