Volunteer Opportunities

Our local Republican candidates will need help from many, many volunteers.  Each of the candidates will need YOUR assistance with the following activities:


  • participation in precinct walks

  • calling voters during phone bank sessions

  • helping with appearances as well as with meet-and-greet events

  • assisting with mailing projects

  • Social Media & Hosting Podcasts


To volunteer your time to help these local Republican candidates, please contact

Michelle Martinez: 626.831.6577 or mdmpatriot@gmail.com


New Information to be posted soon!


Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

It is important that every Republican cast his/her vote – particularly in the 2020 Primaries!  Each election, the Pasadena Republican Headquarters has many volunteers participate in a GOTV effort on Election Day.

Volunteers are needed to sign up to visit an assigned polling place during the late afternoon on Election Day in order to check who has not yet voted. The volunteer then telephones those voters to remind them of the importance of getting to the polling place before election period ends. This GOTV volunteer effort is coordinated by HQ Chair. More information will follow in 2020.


To volunteer your time to help with GOTV, please email: